A good Robin mask

Can anyone recommend where to find a good Robin mask? I have a pretty legit Robin costume/staff for Halloween- but I’d like a good mask similar to Grayson’s in Titans I can just stick on my face. Any help appreciated :ok_hand:t3:


Etsy typically has some good domino masks. Use spirit gum to stick it on.




As for spirit gum. I’d suggest a few things:
Exfoliate your face the morning of (or the night before if costuming in the morning.)
Basically, you want the smoothest surface but unless otherwise specified by the application guide, you want a bit of oil in your complexion to serve as a barricade.

Second, not all spirit gum is created equal. Find either an actual serious stage makeup seller, or go online and get some from a serious stage makeup mfg like Ben Nye.

Your secret identity and your face will thank you.

You may get better results for a domino mask if it is made from actual leather. It will breathe and you should generate less sweat under the mask. Historically the are made grime leather and silk, so the silk side provides a smooth contact surface with the gum.

Also, while getting your spirit gum from a serious make supplier, you may want to get a small pot of black grease paint. To paint the area under your eyes where the mask will show other skin. You could also apply to the eyelid, depends on how blacked out you want the eyes to be.

Also, put on a little bit of mascara. It should darken, thicken and give some extra length to your lashes, which is important because the mask gives you a deeper eye socket.

The whole point of a domino mask is that it is there to show the eyes and nothing else. It will also draw focus to the eyes.

This is a real thing and one of the reasons domino masks were used as superhero masks for so lone. People are looking at your eyes and are less likely to notice or retain other specifics about your face.

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