A Freelancer's Happy Birthday Message to DC Universe

One year ago this week I received an email that I would be brought onto DC Universe’s freelance news team. The experience has opened doors for me, given some cool experiences and made me a hero to some of the kids from my “secret identity job”. Speaking of jobs, DC Universe kept me busy enough to quit my overnight security job and go full-time freelance (minus the mentoring work I haven’t given up), which I’m forever grateful for.
I’ve been contacted by the production offices of some of my favorite DC shows, have been invited to some great events, and have had some really fun assignments. I’ve felt incredible support from the staff at DC Universe for the past year. If I’ve ever needed help with any resources they’ve always gone above and beyond to help. Whenever I’ve visited Burbank (I live in Tampa), I’ve always had an open invitation to stop by the offices and say hi, where I’ve been welcomed with warm smiles and enthusiastic greetings. In fact, during my first visit I asked my editor if I could see the office and he went above and beyond, first showing me the DC Universe offices, then Warner Brothers lot and then driving me over to DC Entertainment’s headquarters. It was an unforgettable afternoon that would’ve given my inner 11 year old an heart attack.
Everyone is just as friendly and kind-hearted as they act during Office Hours.

Thank you for bringing me onboard and trusting me to put out content for you. I hope I can continue to serve you during year two and beyond.

Happy Birthday DC Universe


Congrats that is a great story. Best of luck going forward.


That’s amazing! How did you make that happen?

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I’m glad they gave u the opportunity. I’ve enjoyed all of your work & contributions on here. Love picking your brain & getting the inside scoop on all things DC. Quick example. I posted a comment about a YJ episode where they named Victor Stones high school Hank Henshaw high school & how it was written by Steve Lombard. You responded & said u found out from Greg Weisman himself at a con that he was gonna be using more bronze/silver age Superman characters this season. It was so cool to even visualize someone that I was conversing with talking about conversing with Weisman about YJ b4 the season even aired. Thank u for all the Easter eggs, & for showing me thru your “get to know” articles, that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did, even about some of my most beloved characters. I found so many hidden gems in the “get to know” & “whats next” sections of those articles u wrote.


Thanks for sharing this, and congratulations!