A Discussion on YJ

I currently am very conflicted about the new season of young justice, I really don’t know how to feel about it at first I was unsure then I began to like it. Now I just don’t know what is happening to be honest. The show jumps around so much everything is undeveloped and it feels like they begin then drop plot lines. I don’t know if there were new writers added or they decided to go into a different direction but they show just doesn’t carry the same energy to me anymore.

I’d like to state some talking points and if you don’t mind I wanna hear everyone’s thoughts so please post your opinions I’d like to discuss with people and maybe gain new perspective. So if you have an opinion on any of these please share.

-The pacing
-The old characters
-The new characters
-The story
-The tone and music

Also please post anything you wanna speak about regardless of if it’s on this list. I just wanna have nice conversation with everyone because I wanna see if people share my opinions or not. At the end of the day however I still support this show and will support it so in my eyes it will improve. So let’s discuss!

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-The pacing: Glacial.

-The old characters: Who? I mean, I guess there’s Beast Boy, and his being all “Look how ‘hip’, and ‘with it’ we are, fellow teenagers! We are knowledgeable about the hashtagging of the social media, yes?” but he’s the only character from earlier seasons they seem to give a crap about.

-The new characters: Brion is boring, Forager is kinda fun but hasn’t done anything, Cyborg hasn’t done anything, Black Lightning (not technically new but didn’t really do anything before) hasn’t done anything, Terra has barely even said anything, let alone done anything, and Violet is alright but kind of going in a million directions at once. Character beats like the thing with Harper seem to crop up and disappear completely at random for her.

-The story: I remember it. Not sure where it’s been since the show came back, though. Would be nice to see it pop up again sometime before the finale.

-Tone and music: Was always a weak point for this show if I’m totally honest. The only real change is that now it’s acceptable-but-uninspired… with incompetent political references! I say references because the moments are generally too shallow to qualify as actual social commentary. “Look! Lex Luthor said something that Donald Trump also says sometimes! Aren’t we just so unbelievably clever?”


I thought the first half of the season was pretty good, especially as a setup for an intense second half (ala Invasion.)

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@BatJamags Yes I definitely see where you’re coming from they don’t seem to care much about the old characters. The new ones just aren’t as good or developed in my opinion. As well this season doesn’t feel like much has happened the pacing jumps around so much idk what to care about. I think social commentary is fine but it seems like they care more about that then crafting their story which in my opinion is an issue to the overall quality.

Thanks for sharing your opinion I was wondering if anyone had similar thoughts to me.

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Honestly I want someone to take this season and cut out the crap edit it down to tell a coherent story. I think the story they’re trying to tell could of been told in 10 episodes or under 26 episodes was to much for them .


@WendyandMicheal I’m genuinely curious what do you think should be cut out? Me personally I’d side there are a lot of unnecessary character moments and other moments that just don’t work for me. They give big stuff like Aquaman (Kaldur) being gay like 10 seconds and Tara on the phone saying three words a minute.


To be honest, I’m kinda starting to think the whole show is a little overhyped. Season 1 was great, the next two seasons…eh… Its still good stuff, particularly all the back and forth plotting between the Light and the heroes, but the show is really bloated and not really about anything anymore. Its like if they crammed the whole MCU into a season of Daredevil or Agents of Shield or something


@Montyotho I definitely see what you mean season 1 was great and I personally am also a big fan of season 2 although I know it wasn’t as well paced. Season 3 does feel rather bloated and yes I would agree is sometimes overhyped I’m probably guilty of it a few times.