A DC Christmas Carol

I don’t know if this ever been done before, it would be so cool to see a DC characters in a role of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol.’ I would have have Lex Luthor as Ebenezer Scrooge, Tim Drake as Tiny Tim and Soloman Grundy as the Marley Ghost. :slight_smile: This is just a fun idea.


Sounds cool. And Harley could be one of the Ghosts!


Interesting idea. I don’t know if Luthor is capable of the redemption that Scrooge was. I could see Simon Stagg, since he can be a real weiner, yet has seen the errors of his ways also. Luthor’s more the “I don’t make mistakes and need to redeem myself. Everyone else does.” type.

I do like the idea of Tim Drake as Tim.


What if Batman is Scrooge - after all, he’s rich and can be pretty grumpy. You could set it sometime near DKR. Jason Todd is equivalent to Marley, the partner who died years ago. Green Lantern is Christmas Past. Superman is Christmas Present. Grundy is Christmas Future. Wonder Woman in the Cratchet role - she can use her lasso to determine if Bats really hates Christmas or has really changed in the end.


Phantasm would be good for one of the Christmas ghosts. Joker even said so in MOTP (I forget which ghost off hand).


I’d put the Atom as tiny Tim, hmm probably Ray Palmer over Choi or Al Pratt

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@Vroom - Future, I’m sure.


I thought Future too, just wasn’t sure.


Raven as ghost of Christmas future because she’s creepy and wears the hood.


Due to the responses I’d say u need to reach out to someone with connections. It’s a great idea & I’d watch that movie right now. Probably add it to my Xmas movie rotation almost for sure.


Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale did a holiday special that is collected in Haunted Knight and it is very much Christmas Carol inspired. There’s a great episode of Smallville in season 5 that has Lex in the role of Scrooge. The final ghost is quite chilling in the context of the show’s continuity. I recommend you all check these out just in time for the holidays.


I’d do it with the supernatural characters: Constantine as Scrooge
Deadman as Marley
Dr Fate as Christmas Past
Swamp Thing as Christmas Present
Etrigan as Christmas Future

Chas and family as the Cratchetts.

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Yes love this idea let’s make it happen teen Titans go style just something fun for the family cool idea

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Adding to 87benlewis post. There’s also a spinoff arc in ‘66 Teen Titans where it’s a Dickens Xmas carol & the names are almost the same. Scrooge is named Scrounge, Marley has a different 1st name can’t recall it. Anyways, they do the Ebenezer Scrooge story with the Titans playing the ghosts, only one I remember for sure is Wonder Girl as ghost of the future. It’s a good one tho, u should read it to get ideas for this one.