A Couple of Amusing Antique Store Finds

I go to a local antique mall to browse and just look at whatever. Sometimes I find comics and related stuff. Some of it’s pretty run of the mill floppies and collectibles. This isn’t about that, this is weird stuff.

1: Lawyer up, Kory! Your style is being stolen!

Seriously, TWO Starfire clones?

2: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


Antique stores are rad. I go to one whose comics have the exact same style of price tags as the books you found.

:joy: Maybe Dick is in it, and just not on the cover? :man_shrugging: Maybe that’s Barbara racing towards him on her horse? Could be…


I practically grew up in antique stores (my mom had booths in several over the years). I’ve thought of getting a booth myself but I’d need to get some stock first.

That makes me think of the first time I saw the Hardy Boys books in my school library and thought it was funny that they dressed like Burt Ward’s Dick Grayson. There are plenty of those covers you could probably meme into a DC story, if you so wished.


I remember those Hardy Boys books! I used to check them out alongside the Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told and Superman: The Greatest Stores Ever Told trades when I was a kid.

Antique stores are fun. Even if it’s just a bunch of old crap that nobody will buy, it’s still fun to mosey about as oldies are playing from the speakers above.


Antique stores are good for creative inspiration, too. I like looking at objects and thinking on what its history might be.


There’s a lot of history to be found in antique stores, that’s for sure.


I forgot that I found this, too!

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