A Conversation About DC Comics Lesser Knowns

Hey, fanatics! So I want to start a conversation about making films and/or animated movies even tv shows with our lesser known hero’s and villains. Now, I’m a reborn comic book fan of DC Comics so there a whole lot I don’t know so if you want to drop some names in the comments so I can look them up please do! One thing you should know is that I have a YouTube channel and this is something I’d like to make a video of! I’ll start off! I think, as of this moment, that Zatanna should have her own movie or show and I think Alexandria Daddario should get the role. Also, Red Hood. I can’t think of anything else which is where I’d like your help! Have fun with this and thanks!


I thin that’s exactly what BizarroTV is going to be…animated shorts starting the lesser known characters.

Me, I’m hoping for some B’Wana Beast.

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BizarroTV?? What did I miss…is this going to be for DCUniverse?

Yep! It’s an anthology mixed media series that’s in the pipeline that is promised to feature lesser know characters from DC. It was announced at the same time as DCYou originally was.


Did they have a bizzaro comic like that? I swear they did. It had mr.Mxylpidlic