A Constantine DC Universe Series.

Does anyone think this CWverse Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow is becoming Constantine light? I’m sure this has been mentioned on here many times but how amazing would it be if after this season of Legends Constantine would leave the series and move onto here and be himself, smoking, killing actual monsters (not unicorns and fairy good mothers) and all? He even have some crossover events with Swamp Thing. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Legends and Constantine being a part of it but I with they’d get a little edgy with it. And I know beggers can’t be choosers but…


I’m watching the Constantine series for a third time. I would love more of actual, standalone Constantine in a mature environment.


100% agree

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I’ve watched it at least 7 times through and certain episodes even more times lmfao. Never gets old

I’m all for more Constantine, and the grittier and more macabre the better, but passing judgement on Legends after only the first episode of the season?

C’mon mate! Slack up yer knickers a bit ‘fore sumthin’ shafty turns blue on ye.


They should try to continue the series with Matt Ryan

Make this happen! Constantine could be Matt Ryan in ALL the Multiverse! Make it happen!


I assume Constantine is one season and done on Legends. I also assume we will be getting a new Constantine series announcement when Legends season is over.

I would actually prefer an animated Constantine series

Hellblazer4Life I agree. CW shows look too slick & clean. Constantine looked more gritty. Matt Ryan is great in the Constantine series. CW softened his character. Would be great to see the series continue here.


Yes Swampy is getting a show here, John needs to show up…ideally played by Matt Ryan. Then spin him off to his own show.


Matt Ryan embodies John perfectly, and I would love to see a a Hellblazer series here. If it could continue where the original Constantine live action show left off, that would be a bonus.


He is doing great on Legends. Loving his scenes with Rory.

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