A Compromise on Legacies

So, if you read these forums a lot, you know people disagree on the concept of legacy superheroes. I, personally, am in favor of the concept, it makes the characters feel more real if they age, and eventually retire and/or die. And I also think the previous incarnations could still be published in prequels. But I feel like comic companies - Marvel more so, but DC is not immune - fall into this trap where they keep genuinely trying to retire characters and pass the mantle, but always end up backtracking in 2 or 3 years. Characters like Green Lantern and Robin show it can work, sometimes with multiple versions co-existing. But I actually think that Infinite Frontier offers a perfect chance to compromise on this: Many versions of the big-name heroes co-exist now, and some could be replaced, while others remain. Bruce Wayne/Batman from Earth 0 could co-exist with Damian Wayne/Batman from New Earth, while Clark Kent/Superman from New Earth shares the spotlight with Jon Kent/Superman from Earth 0. What do you think?


If it means more Stargirl and Alan I am good.

How about an entire army of legacy characters to one reformed villain?

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I think you’re onto something here! Funny, my brother and I were talking about how Clark has been Superman for much too long and then DC goes and says “hey everyone, it’s Jon now!”

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