A Comic Set To Music

I recently re-read/listened to Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet. I really love this album and Donald Glover as an artist. He’s one of the few people who is capable of having a wide range of talents and roles while also making them feel like a single individual. The way this specific album plays along to that screenplay works so well and tells such a great story. So, it gave me an idea…

What if DC comics partnered with a musical artist (or several) to make an album that accompanies a comic book. The comic would just be art with no text, and the album plays in the background as you read. It can tell the story of a superhero or, even better, just a story of a person. What do you guys think of this idea? And, if you were in charge of it, what artists would you want and what story would you tell?

My story would center around just a regular person living in the world of DC Comics. Someone who is in awe of the heroes that save the day, but is made to feel small because of them. Their heroics makes this person question their purpose, but they’re eventually able to overcome this and see their intrinsic value. And then I would either choose Matt Duncan or Bo En to do the album.

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Not exactly what you were looking for, but I think this may apply.

I think that your idea is pretty cool, but maybe the comic accompanies the album and not the other way around. Like an illustrated music video

You’re right. I picture the album portraying more of the story and emotion, and the comic just visualizes those emotions. And, yeah, Dark Knights: Metal kind of had that, but I’d love to see something more broad. I honestly, forgot about it though. So thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile:

It does sound cool though. I would buy an illustrated music video.

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