a comic I'm writing

Mind bender a man with the power to bend the minds of others at will he gained his powers by accident from a lab in Kansas city he was going into for testing a new product to help people with Alzheimer’s not knowing the side effects so the pills that he was taking he had gained the power of mind-bending his real name is Michael Joseph Robertson age 33 trying to come up with the way to help out his mom he with money he volunteer himself to become a test subject for a new study on Alzheimer’s breakthrough to help the elderly overcome there illness with him himself having the same illness he figured he was the perfect candidate for this test

I did not read that, I can’t, and I would advise against posting new material here unless you tie it into DC-related stuff as fan fiction.

That sounds incredibly interesting, @michaelpisciotta2828.83775! I would love to read more when it’s finished!
While users might be more interested in fiction that ties in with characters/elements from the DC world, you’re free to share whatever fiction you would like.

I’m going to scoot this thread on over to our “Fan Creation” category so that it’s more easily discoverable by users who might be interested!

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@MH why can’t you?

And his weakness… periods!!