A "Chimp" Challenge! Batmanga!

Japanese comics artist Jiro Kuwata passed away on July 2, 2020. Kuwata, 85, was best known for creating (with writer Kazumasa Hirai) the cyborg superhero 8 Man, and the 1966 “Batman” manga.

What is Bat-Manga?

In 1966, the Batman TV series starring Adam West prompted a Batman craze in Japan. In response to this, the shōnen magazine Shōnen King and its publisher Shōnen Gahōsha licensed the rights to make their own Batman stories, with the full consent of the original Batman publisher, DC Comics. In 1967, the stories stopped and were never compiled into volume format.

Batman: Basically the same as he is in his Golden Age appearances from Detective Comics #38-

Robin: Robin was one of my problems with this, he felt like a spoiled young jerk. Now that I think of it. Both of the dynamic Duo, the villains and the tone were Golden Age style. (Also the thumbs up for killing reminded me of Golden Age)

Who is Lord Deathman? The greatest Batman villain you’ve never heard of.

Death Man had the uncanny ability to put himself in a yoga trance that made him appear dead, until reappearing as a Japanese Crimelord that truely could not die.
I will talk about him later.

Recommended reading

Batmanga #1-3
I recommend only the first three issues. Although the rest was okay.

Batman the Brave and the Bold: “Bat-Mite Presents: Batman’s Strangest Cases!”
This was basically the first three issues of Bat-Manga, only animated.

More Lord Deathman?

Batman, Incorporated #1-2
Harley Quinn: Rebirth #48 #49 #57 #58
Batman '66 #54-55
Batman #180

In the meantime check out this

Batmanga Review


  1. The plots

  2. If you want to just read a comic for fun and not have to worry about continuity, Batmanga has your back, just randomly pick an issue.

  3. The art. (Tip, If you like this art you should check out Bob Kane and Carmine Infantino)


  1. Robin, the spoiled young jerk.

  2. The whole “Thumbs up for killing” thing.

  3. The dialogue. Good plots, bad dialogue.

Recommend if,

  1. You don’t mind Batman killing in the Golden Age and/or are able to overlook it.

  2. You like underdog villains, and/or villains that never will be seen again.

  3. You want to read comics for fun an hate continuity.



Nice, thanks, going to check this out.


What?! 7.8/10?! This book is a MASTERPIECE!