Dcu is experiencing change. The following things have been hinted as hints to this change

  1. Removal of the plan to let us buy comics
  2. Official wording in a being added this week announcement
  3. No new added comics this week
  4. BRAND NEW!!!
    Hard traveling heroes has a thing to click but no accessible comics. (Go to Justice league stories in the comics section)
    Thanks to Yazov over at DCU Book Club for the discovery.

What does #4 mean? I think it means the crew at DCU is compiling arcs to be shown. It being an unavailable story line hints that the new comics coming will have an emphasis on longer storylines. COMPLETE ARCS. If by any chance the story disappears, know it’s because they made a mistake.

If it’s a bug please let us know. Have a great day


Just found out on the computer version #4 takes you to a page which has no attached comics.