a Batman on TV

Got to thinking today. Yes, it’s a scary thought!

Anyway, we all know WB is pretty much against Batman being the focus of a TV series. I wonder if they’d ever consider using the Dick Grayson/Damian Wayne pairing in a show? It would allow them to use the Character, but not the regular version. It’s kind of set up right now in the Batwoman series. Bruce Wayne has disappeared. Kate is filling in. If the series does well, maybe introduce Dick and Damian? Maybe not as B & R right away, but work them into it. Kate can be the one to guide Dick into taking the mantle until Bruce returns.

What do you think?


Can’t wait for Batwoman on CW but hope it focuses on her and her supporting cast the first season and name drop Nightwing and some others. But season 2 start expanding with some guest heroes.