80s DC Shadow series

Ok, way back when, DC put out a shadow mini by chaykin and followed it with a short series with inspired stories from then editor A. Hefler and a roster of master-class artist. B. Sikieniwitz(?), Marshall Rogers, Kyle Baker, even Joe Orlando did an annual. Anywhat, this was VERTIGO before VERTIGO, this and Moore’s swamp thing made young me think past capes. AND ITS FINALLY AVAILABLE DIGITALLY! For any comixology unlimited folks, you can borrow it, or better yet buy it if ya like it, supercheap on sale. At least dig the first 6 issues, honest, these funnybooks are some lost classic stuff


@boodikhan That’s Bill Sienkiewicz (sin kev itch) best known for Moon Knight, Elektra Assassin, and New Mutants: the Demon Bear. Don’t forget to check out the Batman/Shadow comics here on DCU.


Thanks for the heads-up @boodikhan! :+1:

For interested parties, you’ll want to search for “The Shadow: The Master Series”.


The other main illustrator for the Andrew Helfer run is Kyle Baker.

You make it look so easy, heh.

Not too easy, I had to look up the correct spelling of his name and only know the proper pronunciation from listening to podcasts. :grinning: But I did know who you were talking about as soon as I saw his name. Also, I remember his Moon Knight run because I read it when it first came out in 1980 and he was the hotness back then. Us oldsters know our history because we lived it. :grinning: I also bought the Chaykin issues as they came out. Thanks for highlighting both the Shadow (who inspired Bob Kane and Bill Finger to create Batman) and great creators like Chaykin and Sienkiewicz. My real last name starts with a Z and no one can spell it or pronounce it so I’m a stickler for peoples names. :nerd_face: Yes I’m a geek.


Not to keep hyping coke here at the pepsi cola 500, but comixology has the chaykin mini and a NEWER chaykin shadow mini set in the 50s all under the unlimited and at a discount. Ok, enuff shadow. Now who wants to hear about the matt wagner issues of the SPIRIT…


I have several issues of the DC series “The Shadow” that I think came out in the 1970s. They do not appear to be here in the library but the issues I read were good.

Maybe we will see that series here someday.

There was a paperback series that was around in that time frame to if I removed right.

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I want to read a The Spirit/The Shadow mini all of a sudden.

“Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of my city?” would be the perfect tagline for it.


Those were probably by Denny O’Neil and Michael Kaluta.


@KamAndi80 @MisfitMarvel The Shadow is now licensed to Dynamite and they’ve reprinted this Graphic Novel from O’Neil and Kaluta the team behind some of the best DC Shadow Comics.



Thanks for the info! I will have to look at picking that up.