80 Years of Superman Sweepstakes

Greetings, friends! If you’re a fan of The Man of Steel, have we got some goodies in store for you. This week, we’re taking a look at the Death of Superman arc, found in the Comics section. We’ll also be discussing Superman throughout the week with special highlights and lists in the News section.

And of course, don’t miss one of our biggest Giveaways of the month, also found in the News section. This 80 Years of Superman giveaway features an Absolute Edition of All-Star Superman and more! We will be running this special giveaway until October 1st at 11:59pm PST, so you have a full week to enter this one. Good luck!


Sick I’m still waiting til I’m able to enter right now it won’t let me

Never mind It let me enter :heart_eyes:

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Woohoo! Glad it worked out :smiley:

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How do you Enter?

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There is a form to fill out on the page- here’s a link to make it a bit easier!

Who watches the Supermen. Yay!

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Entered… crosses fingers

I love this app!!!


Am I entered?

Unfortunately I do not have access to that information at this time, but if you received a confirmation page you’re good to go! Another way to check is to try entering again, it will prohibit you from submitting twice.

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Just signed up. That’s an awesome prize right there!

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Thanks fot the heads up! Entered! Best of luck to everyone!

Still not able to enter any sweepstakes…all I get is a blank screen with the date and the DC symbol. I’m trying to enter on my iPad but nothing. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I can’t enter in because all I get is a white page with the DC logo on it