60% Off SDCC Sale at Comixology, Ends 7/19

Wanting to pick up a new book or two to ring in SDCC with? Now’s a great time to do so!

A few titles worth a look:

-100 Bullets volume 1
-American Vampire volume 1
-Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman
-Detective Comics #1000: The Deluxe Edition
-Frank Miller’s Ronin
-John Constantine, Hellblazer volume 1
-Justice League: The World’s Greatest Super Heroes (collects all of the Paul Dini and Alex Ross books featuring the Trinity, Shazam! and the Justice League)
-The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume 1
-Lucifer: Book One
-Lucifer volume 1 (Sandman Universe)
-Mera: Tidebreaker
-Mister Miracle
-Powers volume 1
-Preacher: Book One
-Scarlet (2018-2019) volume 1
-Shazam!: The World’s Mightiest Mortal volume 1 (70’s Shazam, not available in digital singles)
-Supergirl: Being Super
-Supergirl volume one: The Killers of Krypton (from the current ongoing series)
-Superman: Earth One volumes 1-3
-Super Sons: The Polarshield Project
-Transmetropolitan volume 1
-Under The Moon: A Catwoman Tale
-Wonder Woman: Earth One volume 1
-Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

The list goes and goes. Several recently released single issues are also part of this sale. Enter the code DC60 at checkout to get the goods.

There are also similar SDCC sales for The Boys, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Marvel, Oni Press and many more.

Happy Con Season Reading!


It’s not DC, but I’m going to give a recommendation to Image’s Sam & Twitch, by Brian Michael Bendis. Was looking for something to satisfy my Gotham Central/Powers/Top 10 itch, and settled on it. Both volumes are 50% of for $12 each, and they’re really really good detective stories. Bendis isn’t quite as polished in them as he is now, but unpolished Bendis is like unpolished AC/DC, in a lot of ways, it’s actually better.

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Also, Supergirl: Being Super is AMAZING and the fact that more people haven’t read it is a travesty. That series introduced my to Joelle Jones’ art and I’ve been reading her stuff since.

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Okay, this sale kind of peeves me off. So on the advertising, it includes Mera: Tidebreaker, and I think “Oh, I’ve been wanting to get these books, so I’ll get them in this sale.” So I put in my cart Mera, Under the Moon, and Raven, and it doesn’t work for any of them.

Looking at the fine print, it wouldn’t have included Raven anyway because it was released after the start of July – that’s fair enough. But it looks like since these books aren’t in the regular “DC” section but in a separate “DC Ink” section, they don’t count it – which is crap, because if it’s listed on the actual sale page, it should actually be, you know, ON SALE.

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@Jay_Kay I was going to buy Tidebreaker as well. They have the image plastered on the email and on the front page of Comixology advertising it as part of the sale. It looks like they took the image off of the front page sale since I first checked though.

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Funny enough, I tried it again just to make sure so I could write a complaint to Comixology, and it worked! Got Tidebreaker and Under The Moon: A Catwoman Tale for about three bucks and change each. :smiley:

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Glad it ended up working. I haven’t read Under the Moon but god Tidebreaker is one gorgeous-looking book.

Tidebreaker is the best Ink book so far. Glad folks have given it a read.

They also have a Sandman sale going on too. So all those titles are already discounted, and you can get another 60% off that. So if you want to pick up some Sandman or Lucifer you get get them SUPER cheep right now. I just got the five collections of the original Lucifer run for less than $10.

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@OldManJonah I saw that! So many good deals right now.

The only thing I’ve bought from the sale is the first (and so far only) volume of 70’s Shazam. It’s glorious!

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Bump-a-reeno due to SDCC now being in full swing.