[5G-Wiki] Every current rumour of 5G

This page is a list of ever rumour of 5G. If you want to edit it go ahead!!

Before we open a page of RUMOURS and facts with some question marks, I want to share this Dan DiDeo quote to retailers.

“There are a lot of half-truths and misinformation floating around about some of our plans. I appreciate people wanting to be excited and in the know about what’s going on. The first people who will find out once we’re ready to announce will be you, the retailers. We are looking at ways to create noticeable and exciting tentpoles and events and moments in our line. I’m not talking about creating an endless run of events-I’m talking about spots we can identify in our line that can really help pull things together, and doing it on a quarterly basis, so we can create a rhythm within our storytelling that keeps people excited about what we’re doing. I always feel story and character should be the lead for anything we do.”

Also as a reminder of what 5G is, here is a guide to that too.

Fact: Grant Morrisons’s Green Lantern run will end in September

  • Likely for 5G. Maybe an October 5G title.
  • DC Change thier minds. It will be 12 issues now

Fact: Double Shipping will end

  • Along with the Bat/Cat announcement, DC announced double shipping would end this year. It hasn’t happened yet, so likely 5G.

Fact: The Batman/Catwoman story will tell the 50 year relationship of Batman/Catwoman (Source: Word Balloon Podcast)

  • Hint at timeline change or maybe it will be out of continuity?

Rumor but basically confirmed: Wonder Woman “Brave New World” is a 5G story.
Rumor: Every month, starting in November a major hero will get a #1. The rumour is that Wonder Woman #1 is first.
Rumor: Jonathan Kent will be aged up in Legion of Superheroes and come back as the new Superman. Bendis is rumored to be STAYING as the main writer.
Rumor: Bruce Wayne will be replaced by Luke Fox (Batwing) with John Ridley IV (12 Years a Slave) writing the book.
Rumor: Owen Mercer (Captain Boomerang Jr.) will become the new Flash
Rumor: Jo Mullein (Far Sector) will be the new Green Lantern.
Rumor: Aquaman: Earth One (Francis Manapul) is being repurposed for 5G.
Rumor: A DC Event will come out this year to give creatives time to work of 5G. It is Convergence-like. It might be metal, but there isn’t much announced yet in the way of tie-ins so I’m not buying it.
Hyper Speculative Rumor: Based on tweets about an upcoming series Orlando is working on, some think Elysian (a new character) will be Wonder Woman or related to WW.

Remember these are rumors. Nothing more Nothing less.
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