[5G Reading Order] The 5G Prelude

The 5G "Prelude"

These comics are part of 5G but serve mostly as taste-test for what’s to come.

Anniversary Teasers

Wonder Woman #750 “Brave New World”
Flash #750 “At the Starting Line”
Flash #750 “Flash Forward: Epilogue”

Generation Zero #1 (Gods Among Us)

Generation One-Shot Mini-Series

Generation One: Age of Mysteries #1
Generation Two: Age of the Metahuman #1
Generation Three: Age of Crisis #1
Generation Four: Age of Rebirth #1
Generation Five: Age of Tomorrow #1

This document will be updated in the future!

5G Master Page

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I haven’t heard of the Anniversary Teasers! What are those?

In every anniversary issue, so far, one of the stories has been a golden age story that takes place in 5G generation One. Wonder Woman #750 “Brave New World”(the last short in the issue) introduced Wonder Woman as the first Superhero to appear in the new DC Timeline. Flash #750 “At the Starting Line” (The second to last short) then proceeded to show how Jay Garrick was inspired by Wonder Woman. The next teaser is a Robin one, I don’t know what it will include though. Then a Joker one, A catwoman one, and a Green Lantern One.

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Ah gotcha dude, that makes sense!!!

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