52 Is One of the Greatest Stories I Ever Read… Change My Mind!

I just read all of the weekly 52 series from 2006 and I have to say it was great. I never read any booster Gold but I learned to really enjoy him in this story. His arc is good but also very funny.

The black Adam part of the story is the best. I really think black Adam may be the most tragic figure in the DC universe. I hope they do a movie about this story arc, it would be a great trilogy. Better than Black reign and also it has a follow up mini series “black Adam” by a Peter Tomasi that is great and continues his story.

Batwoman is introduced in this story, the question is replaced by Renee Montoya. I usually hate when they gender/race swap characters but they actually did a good job and I didn’t mind it.

It’s mostly about b list heroes and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are away finding themselves after infinite crisis.

There are lots of other side stories in this series that are good as well. New villains that are well written too.

This story is mostly just interactions between characters and not a lot of world ending threats… at least not until the end. I enjoy that. Not every story has to have the strongest villain ever or the biggest threat ever.

I really just wanted to tell people about this series and suggest it since it’s not something that is talked about much.


I liked much of it, but there was some editorial tampering from a certain prominent figure at the company that somewhat weakened the story near the end.

I liked 52 a lot. Some parts of it were more interesting to me than others, but I liked how the different characters’ storylines wove together and built up as the story went along.

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I would never want to change your mind. 52 is responsible for so much of what I love about the DC Universe.


I adore 52. It was one of the first big events I read as a kid. Plus anything with Booster Gold as a main player is a win in my book

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Love 52. Bonus points because of Ralph. I’m not going to even try to change your mind.

Don’t need or want to change your mind. It’s a top 5 comic reading experience for me. I’ve read it twice and i feel like i’m getting close to a 3rd

Interesting, the end was the only part that, while i don’t think it disappointed, I didn’t think it wowed like the rest of the book

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If you can find the audio drama adaptation of 52, the end of that does a great job of tying it all together in the end.

52 was one of the best things DC published from 2006-2007, and remains a wonderful read years later.

I’m not changing your mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously? I didn’t know they made audio for comic books…

Yes I agree, the whole mister mind and time travel thing was kinda confusing. Like how does a worm jump into a machine with time travel and somehow end up being so powerful it can change time and eat universes. I felt confused and that basically it was a bunch of bs thrown together that doesn’t make any sense. Then again a lot of these stories involving changing reality make no sense really. Like infinite crisis, super boy being able to smash through reality and change it was kinda ridiculous if you think about it.

Yes I agree. Problem is I never see it mentioned on any list as a top story. Then again it seems that a lot of these list they make seem to almost always have the exact same stories. Like no one is original and just copies what everyone else says.

That’s why I had to say something about this story.

I never read any booster gold, after reading this story though I am interested in reading more of his stories. He was hilarious and I felt his stories connected with today’s social media and how fake the actual media is. I remember even seeing a comment in the beginning of the story about how crazy talking online can make you… and this was written in 2006 before social media was big.

I thought about reading Geoff Johns Booster Gold run later on. Is it as good and as funny as 52s booster gold stories?

Johns’ run is pretty similar in tone to the 52 stories and it picks up right after 52 ends. It does change writers after the first two volumes but its still really enjoyable. I would definitely suggest that run over the original Booster series.

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