4am est still waiting for Titans

Can’t wait hopefully it drops soon


Me too. Anyone know what time it drops

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Same here i live in california and titans still havent come out

I just watched the last episode of DC Daily and it seems like its going to drop later tonight, since they’re doing a format similar to Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger where they drop just one episode every week until the series has ended. But I’m super pumped, even more so since Hector Navarro who is one of my favorite reactionists on comic book related media has endorsed the series, which only make my confidence soar even more! So excited?


I don’t want to be “that guy” but what do you expect Hector Navarro to say? They literally pay him to be excited about the show.

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12+ more hours I’m assuming :heart_eyes:

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What time do titans premier tonight

They could have at least posted a time. Smh.

It’s up

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