3D or 4DX or MX4D, which do you prefer?

When it comes to screenings of all these 3D/4D movies like; Superhero movies, which screenings do you prefer and why?

I didn’t include 2D screenings because you can just stream them in 2D 4K onto your HDR 4K TV :tv:, via any streaming service like “Netflix” & “Hulu/Disney+ package” for like $13 a month each. Not to mention cell phones (formally known as smartphones) and smartphones (also known as fold phones) will be HDR 4K soon enough and on a 5G or 5G LTE-like network at that.

So since the only thing we can get from the theater is stuff like 4D (3D + D-Box) which screening(s) is giving you a reason to support superhero and anti-hero and villain movies?

You can go into more detail of the screening like Dolby 3D or Dolby 3D + Dolby Atmos (i.e. ArcLight & El Capitan theaters) or AMC Prime 3D, etc.

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Well for at home I just get the 4kHD stuff for my smart TV. At the movies I live next to a IMAX theater so thats what I do especially for stuff like Avengers which was film with a Imax camera.

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I prefer MX4D but never seen a movie in auch a screening yet, not even 4DX.

But I have seen a lot of movies in 4D (3D + D-Box) at Cinemark before and recently I been seeing all the movies in AMC Prime 3D which gives me that Premium Large Format/IMAX size screen with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound and recliner chairs that are being upgraded for a vibrating effect in the near future to turn it into a vanilla 4D experience. But the seats were suppose already vibrate to the scenes in the movie.

Its mostly because of A-List from AMC that I even get to see all the 3D movies in 3D. It cost $20+ a month which is more expensive then streaming services but I can see 3 movies a week, thats more then 12 a month, and in any screening format for the price, so its extremely good giving all the bang for my buck.

Thank goodness watching all the comic book movies in 3D has become soo affordable. I’m hoping my local AMC theaters get MX4D and 3D laser projecters.

I have seen movies in 3D Laser + Dolby Atmos at both El Capitan & ArcLight by Surround Sound hasn’t sounded like surround sound since Maleficent came to theaters. Tge intro for Auros 11 & Dolby Atmos still sound like surround sound, ao it just seems to be the new movies.

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3D. Love 3D. Wish there were more movies in this format.

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I see everything in good ol’ 2D; and with Dolby Atmos audio when the opportunity avails itself.

The exceptions being productions filmed in the 3D format, but no DC movie released in 3D has been filmed that way. The 3D effect for those titles has been achieved via Post Production conversions and not native 3D.


Actually Man of Steel was recorded with handheld 3D cameras and gave back problems to the cameramen.

Also post production 3D looks better then recorded 3D. Probably because they put way more work in the converted ones.


2020 will have over 50 3D movies starting in February.


@shahaneh-star I’m certain James Cameron and other distinguished, experienced directors who’ve filmed movies in native 3D would disagree on conversions being better.

Cameron himself said that 3D conversions are, at their absolute best, “2.8D” during interviews conducted while he was overseeing the 3D conversion of Titanic. He also converted Terminator 2 to 3D and re-emphasized that point during the process of that conversion as well.

3D conversions are akin to the colorization of black and white movies: they attempt to add something that was never meant to originally be there and despite the best efforts of even the most skillful technicians, never truly will be. It’s an artificial layer attempting to create something that didn’t exist in the actual filming process of the movie.

When I have wanted to see a movie in 3D, I prefer presentations where the source material was captured in that format instead of it being artificially added in Post Production.

To each their own =)

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I’ve seen movies in both Native 3D (Alita: Battle Angel) and converted 3D (Men in Black International) and in 2019 what I’ve seen with my owns eyes, there’s no real discernable difference except that Alita had a few scenes that just look like flat 2D.

Just watch/compare one converted movie from one recorded movie for yourself in the future is all I’m asking.

All the newer movies just look better and better no matter if they are recorded in 3D or converted. I mean why read and listen to what other people have to say about it, when you can better yet experience it for yourself, which is really the only way to go; at the end of the day.