3 New Series I'd Like to See

Howdy all! There are 3 new series I would not mind DC put together either for later this year or early next year. Here’s my list:

  1. Crime Syndicate (the mini-series has been stellar so far. I say these these villains their own proper series!)
  2. Earth 2/Earth 2 Society (the original was the only New 52 series I enjoyed and for me, Earth 2 Society ended much too soon. I think it’s high time we revisit Earth 2!)
  3. Justice Society of America (c’mon, you know we’ve all been eager to see the Golden Age heroes step up to the plate again! Whether it’s the original lineup, or the mix of old and new from 15 years ago, I say they should be given another shot. Heck, even give Jay Garrick his own book! lol)

Let me know what series you’d like to see and we can have a friendly debate! :slight_smile:

Happy Monday!

  1. A new Hitman series (I think most people are getting tired of me saying “Hitman” lol) - He’s my favorite DC character, and they need to bring him back. I think it would be cool if they used a lazarus pit, but that’s up to the writers - if they make a new series
  2. Collapser
  3. Natt the Hat
  1. JSA
  2. Justice Society
  3. Justice Society of America

Never even heard of Natt the Hat lol


he’s in the Hitman comics


Ah, gotcha :slight_smile:


the one I’ve been asking for a decade now…

I guess I can add this one back to the list

cross Captain Marvel off the list so next would be…

  1. batman Catwoman Earth 2: how they got together in the New 52 Earth-2
    2.something exploring earth 11.
    3: Red Hood and The Huntress: the pair working together with a romance developing between the titular Characters as I have started really liking these two as a what-if couple.

brooo your right they would be a good couple tbh i don’t really like rose so any one but rose


I take “new series” to mean “series which haven’t been done before,” so:

  1. Batgirls. We’ve been teased enough, let’s get the Cassandra Cain/Stephanie Brown team-up series we’ve been waiting for.
  2. Lady Shiva. Would love to see a Shiva series where she travels the world taking on the greatest challenges she can find.
  3. Detectives Guild. A mystery-solving series featuring the “Guild of Detection” featured in Detective Comics #1000, including Slam Bradley, Detective Chimp, The Question, Martian Manhunter, Elongated Man and Sue Dibny, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and Batman.

So you want a series out of the latest Scooby-doo/Batman crossover movie?


I actually thought of a couple of more series I’d like to see:

  1. Shazam! (It’s a shame the latest series ended so early after a really good storyline. With Black Adam heading to Justice League [I wonder how Brian Michael Bendis will ruin that after his lousy work on *Superman*], a Shazam Family title wouldn’t be a bad thing!)
  2. Enemy Ace (I know this one is a long shot, but I have always been a fan of Hans von Hammer, the Hammer of Hell. The “War in Heaven” TPB done in the early 2000’s was amazing, placing von Hammer smack in the middle of the Eastern Front of World War 2. I would love to see some new stories with him in World War 1 or even a few of his exploits during World War 2.)

Also, can someone answer me this: If the Golden Age Superman and his cast are supposed to be from Earth 2, but DC created a new Earth 2 in “The New 52”, where would that put Kal-L (the Golden Age Superman) and his crew now? Maybe DC should do a mini-series placing them on a new Earth?? :slight_smile:


@bridder01: I’ll second that Enemy Ace series and I would like to add Green Arrow and Aquaman. They are both celebrating their 80th anniversaries this year.
And–yes–The Justice Society of America!


That was explained in “Infinite Crisises”


Some interesting new series I would like to see:

  1. Oblivion Bar - Would be fun to see what weird adventures start at this place along with some bar fights filled with magic
  2. Intergang - Earth and Apokolips villains working together should create interesting stories/villain team ups
  3. Indigo Tribe - I think we can add some more depth and storylines for this lantern corps and see how they operate on a day-to-day basis



I agree! I remember when I first learned about this lantern corp, I was eager to get my hands on as much material as possible. I think there’s a lot of different directions a good writer could go.


Well, now that the JSA has been back, I don’t know of the chances that earth 2 will be revisited, but it would be neat! Perhaps a meeting between the two versions of the team? :thinking:


Well, basically the society is an earth 2 creation. The JSA is an earth prime, so they would still exist separately as each earth has a somewhat different history.


Oh yeah, I know. I just don’t see DC and/or fans especially wanting the JSA replacements when the real ones are back.

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