3 months in, comics still held hostage by DCU

So we are 3 months into this service and the comics section is still pathetic.

Why are they holding so much history and so many fun titles hostage?

I am an 80’s child and grew up reading old and new comics. Crisis on Infinite Earths blew me away. The old Sgt Rock comics my dad had were incredible. Supes and Bats and Flash and GL and WW always amazed me.

But with limited allowance, I chose more Marvel over DC. Later, I did get more into DC, but the older stuff was always harder to find.

Now, we have all this tech and Marvel Unlimited gives you amazing access to comic history.

DCU gives you a very small look and is holding hostage the one thing that made them a real company. Comic books.



Calling it “holding them hostage” is a little overly dramatic, don’t you think?


Sure, but it was late and I was watching Die Hard.

Sounded good at the time.

Just tired of the BS from DC. Just come out and say it’s greed. We will give you “x amount” of books to read on the app and you have to buy the rest.

And if those comics we HAVE to buy are not at a very discounted rate ( no more than a buck) then assure me that if I stop the service, any comics I bought are mine with no DRM.

Never going to happen.

Pathetic so far. Once they fix it properly, you will hear nothing but praise from me.

Oh, and also, make sure you have a better search system than A-Z. Give us search options like events, pub dates, writers, etc.


When it comes to comics, this service is a joke. Marvel Unlimited already has full archive less the issues in the latest 6 months for their subscriber. I’m not asking DCU to do the exact same thing, but even for the New 52 series, which concluded 2 years ago, they still only have 4 issues out of 52 for each character (many characters have even less). And we don’t even have access to the whole stories for classic events like Crisis on Invite Earth or Blackest Night. It’s just ridiculous and make them look greedy.

If DCU is going to rotate comics in and out to keep subscribers here, then at least announce the roster and let us know that every issues in the series will be available here at different points of time.

For those who defend the DCU when people make complaint about comic selections: So far the DCU has apparently screwed up in this part. If you truly love the service you should make them see the flaws instead of ignoring it, and hope they will improve.


emaraldlantern is right! I love the DC Universe an want more of it! The characters and stories true identity (at least in my opinion) lies in the comics where the word “universe” exemplifies DC. I’ll even pay more, so please give us more comics!


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your impressions of the service, @lessthan12parsecs - we always appreciate such, even if negative, so all recommendations for improvement are encouraged. I’ll share your feedback with the team, and in the meantime, if you have any more to share, please don’t hesitate to!


Netflix wasn’t the giant it has become over night…give DCU a chance to grow.


Just finished reading justice league dark, or what they have of justice league dark. It ends in the middle of the story, no ability to continue and read the next comic. If this is a curated Comics collection, it’s not done very well.


I guess because it’s a streaming service. Maybe they decided they can’t produce 4 multi million$ shows and give all their comics away for free right now?


Fine, let me pay for just the comics. Happy to do that.

I bought a year subscription. They still have 9 months to convince me to resubscribe. Right now, I have a reminder in my calendar to MAKE SURE that I don’t.

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Then leave. They are still building. If you did a year preorder they gave you an extra three months anyway. They seem to be seeking and listening to feedback, so give it ti,e or go.

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Matt runs a great weekly bookclub in the comics section. If you participate in that, this service is worth a lot more just from my perspective. It branches out your reading on what they DO have and you get to discuss with other folks.

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Aiwe. Dc has specifically asked for feedback so why the heck are you telling people to leave when their voicing their opinions? I also think the comics need enhancements and telling potential subscribers to go ahead and leave may not be a great decision. I’m another that will wait until my subscription ends next year and will make an informed decision on whether to renew. The comics will be a big part of that decision.

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Eaglenovels, there is a difference in giving constructive criticism and just complaining and tearing down the service. They are not “holding them hostage” they are figuring everything out. Of course I want people to stick around and help make the service better… but all these posts about everything being terrible and I’m canceling my service and DC sucks, etc etc…those help make nothing better. Marvel Unlimited has been up for years and did not have to balance other costs such as original show content, video, etc. so it’s not fair to throw that up in their face constantly.

Make your criticisms in ways that might actually help the service become better. They have surveys, they have a forum specifically dedicated to this topic where they are asking “how can we be better”? Go there, show them you want more comics. Tell them which comics you want to see.


I guess it is different for me maybe because I knew there was going to be a building period. I am here just for the comics too and was shocked at first with how little full content there was on here. Then I was mad about how they would get taken off before I even got a chance to finish the arc I was reading.

But then they stopped taking off books. They started adding some more content, and they said that changes would be coming in January. I got a survey in my email asking questions that targeted key areas I was concerned about. I started doing the weekly book club which led me to full arcs that I have enjoyed.

I have been a member of Marvel Unlimited for 3 years, so I definitely see the discrepancy between content. I see that for sure. But I also see that they are actively working to change things and paying attention to what people want. So I am hopeful.

I don’t want you to leave. I want you to stay around and I want the service to get better. I hope you can find ways to help make it better, and I hope you can find ways to enjoy the service as it grows to be what we actually want out of it


This isn’t really about a building period because DC is pulling comics instead of just adding to the library…

If you came here for the comics that’s definitely on you. I can understand a degree of disappointment, but this was never said to be a Marvel Unlimited(That would be nice though!) equivalent.

That said, I hope down the line at least 5,000 comics become available and If its rotating that is fine. 5,000 is a good number as long as we have some complete arcs and such.

Fingers crossed for the future.

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Have to say I cannot see it as a building process. I was reading the Teen Titans series from 2003 when it jumped from #20 to #92 and stopped. That is not a building process. Also, why offer the 1st issue of the Rebirth but not any following them? Sorry but that is not a building process, that is holding back content in order to force payment to read further. It is the same as the games you find on your mobile phones that make you pay money to open new content.


I’m getting fed up with reading a comic and there are crossover issues to the story arc and those issues aren’t available.
For example, was reading the Justice League Society, started getting into the “Thy Kingdom Come” storyline. Annnnnnnnd no crossover issues available, oh and I can’t finish the story arc because not all the JSA issues are there.
It’s just really frustrating. I’m grateful for the content I am getting and seeing for the first time. BUT it’s REALLY annoying when parts of it seem like an expensive tease, and if you want more, you have to pay more. Kinda getting tired of switching over to my regular DC Comics app to potentially buy missing issues for a story. I’m also noticing on the regular DC Comics app, there are issues and content missing. I’ve been asking for months for Armageddon 2001. I’ve also asked for Detective Comics annuals. (#3 in particular, 1990)…to buy! And nothing.
If DC wants to maintain their appeal, why are you limiting your content on your paid services? It’s almost like you want our money and then you don’t offer your whole store. Are you setting up some behind the scenes VIP service? Which would be a nice middle finger to the rest of us. Just curious as to what the powers that be are trying to accomplish.


Agree, joined for the 7 day free trial and probably won’t stick around but will be back if/when the comic archive increases. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, it seems like this area should be the easiest to throw content at to lure people in. Gonna check out some of the shows but seems unlikely that’s what will keep me here.

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