3 Jokers?

So…I remember this revelation coming out in Darkseid War and the Rebirth One Shot. But other than this 3 Jokers mini series finally coming out later this year, has there EVER actually been followed up on?

I don’t remember any reference to this during stories like “Dark Knights: Metal”, so I’m wondering if this is a thing still Canon or not


I think the reason it hasn’t shown up in any other comics is that everyone is waiting for this series to release first.

The Three Jokers series is where they will follow up on it.

I believe it is canon, it should work well with Snyder’s “Pale Man” theory of the Joker

The canonicity* of it has been a little vague as of late. A while back Fabok talked about it in the sense that, much like Killing Joke, “if it’s well liked, it’ll probably count.”

I guess the best way to look at it is that it’s going to be it’s own thing, there isn’t going to be any tie-ins or anything, and much like Doomsday Clock, we’ll start seeing some of the ramifications of it hit the regular comics.

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I’m just still thinking about the fact that this was the interaction Batman and the Mobius Chair had (paraphrased for comprehension):

Batman: What is the Joker’s secret identity?

Mobius Chair: Which one, there are three?

Batman: Oh cool. Now I’m going to obsess endlessly about who they are and not just ask you about them individually.

Mobius Chair: Sounds like a great plan, buddy!

Batman: I know right? I am one of the smartest people on earth, after all. Hey, wanna grab a beer?

Mobius Chair: Yeah, that sounds great!


It was the New 52

I heard it’s up to the readers to make it canon or not. But if it is a hit it will probably become canon