3 DC characters I would like seen turned into live-action shows on DC universe!?

Ok so basically I’m gonna name there DC characters and tell you why I think they should have a live action series on here in the next choices DC makes. This is kind of a follow up to my post earlier titled “My advice/hope for the DCEU and DC universe” please go check that out after doing this. What I love is DC comics, writing, and good discussion about cool topics. So just let me know how you feel and your ideas, and even how you feel about mine! Well then let’s get started and see how you feel also!

  1. Red Hood and the Outlaws, come on honestly this one is almost a dead ringer to please fans and have an amazing show if done right. I mean come on who doesn’t love the Red Hood right? No but seriously it would be a chance to be gritty and edgy like DC seems to do with there shows so far on here. The story itself in the comics is amazing on all fronts If you ask me. The show could relatively be cost effective as you wouldn’t need a ton of cg effects in the show but would still be bad ass excuse the French but that word has to be said at least once when referring to the Red Hood am I right? But fans have been basically crying there hearts out for this show, every time I’ve seen even a hint of this mentioned on the web it grows tremendously in support rapidly. Just think finally it’s time for ole Red to get a show oh and Jensen Ackles perfect actor for it. Lmk what you think!

  2. Deathstroke yes my personal favorite, not as many people have mentioned it I believe I kinda came up with this one which I’m sure I didn’t but I didn’t see it anywhere else just was reading the comic series. I though to myself how awesome would it be to a live action Deathstroke series. You could go full on bad ass with it and make some incredible fight and action scenes. I personally hire a director with experience in not only in action but one with a little horror and gore in the background also. Which I would like to mention I am all for series like these on dc universe to take a gamble on new and young directors, writers, and actors. I tell you why because it’s there chance to prove themselves and nobody puts there heart and sole into something like they do there first time at something they love. For me as I stated I am a writer and my dream is to write comics/scripts for live action or movies for DC I would literally cry tears of joy if I ever got the chance in any capacity to write anything for DC. I eat sleep breathe DC comics. But anyways I feel Deathstroke could potentially be an amazing show that fans would really get behind and if done correctly could be one of DC’s greatness shows ever.

  3. Damien Wayne lastly the little big fellow who loves to hate! I think that normally is suppose to go who we love to hate but we love him and well he loves to hate… but in all seriousness Damien Wayne could be one of the best stories DC could tell because he has a awesome storyline from growing up with Ra’s al Ghul and the league of assassins and show his bond with his mother Talia al Ghul and then finally bring it in to show how his life with his father starts to rewrite and change sort of his beliefs but not so much who he is. It could show tragedy and despair and the complications of being a single parent and having to teach a young boy how to be a man and also that people come from different back grounds and as much as we think we know everybody is different. The show also could show the main ideal ands that’s nurture over nature with Damien as Bruce once said in a comic and also in the movie “Son of Batman which you can check out on here which I highly recommend. But all in all this story has the potential to touch on a lot of issues that people face everyday while also being that’s awesome ass kicking DC show we all love and know!

Well like always my name is Brett Wayne, and thanks for stopping in checking out my post and also as always lmk what your ideas are and how you feel about mine thanks!


Brett i plan on friending you once this app gets up and running! Here are the dc characters i would love to see get live tv shows or their own animated series:

Manchester Black
Rorshach and Nite Owl
Captain Boomerang

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I would love a red Hood series and I wouldn’t mind a Deathstroke series. Maybe not so keen on a Damian series but a pop in on TT or Red Hood show every once and a while would be cool.

Would like to see Cassie get tied in to either Stargirl series or TT series or both and have her spawn off in to her own show.

Would also definitely like to see a Justice League Dark on here. I think it’s a great series and could use Raven and Swamp Thing as tie ins


Wally West. (The CW Wally doesn’t count, he’s Wally in name alone.

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Wally West. (The CW Wally doesn’t count, he’s Wally in name alone.

I have to say I feel like the minority on this one, but I cannot stand Hal Jordan Green Lantern. I want a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern story done right where the first story covers Hal going nuts and wiping Coast City off the map and doing the Kyle story up right.

Secondly, I would love a Batman Knightfall story where we can finally get a legitimate Bane origin and a Jean Paul Valley Batman.

Lastly, I’d like a Sandman show. Could be Justice Society included or maybe just Vertigo brand Sandman.

JSA which will probably happen after enough of them appear on the Stargirl show I would love to see a Vertigo style Shadowpact and a Justice League Dark with Constantine and you already know who should play him.Zatanna ,Deadman,Frankenstein ,Andrew Benett and Madame Xanadu but have her hang back from the action in a leadership role.A Metalmen cartoon would be awesome.

I’m speaking from a fan perspective but a steel and batwing show or team up should be in the works

Lobo would be really fun ( and it would have to have a PARAMILITARY XMAS story in it )

a ELSEWORLDS SERIES ( gods and monsters - justice league - example )

A GRREN LANTERN CORPS show - featuring different corps members example gnort , kilowog , chip , even the guardians

I would love to see a show from a regular person who lives in Gotham city!! Just the stuff they have to deal with day to day. I would love show about the cat that has the red ring. The question would be cool also.