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I knew I forgot to post somewhere.

I liked that the Sydicate’s primary motivation was to find out who was messing with their shyte and to make them stop. I kind of liked that Power Ring wasn’t the snivelling coward featured in Forever Evil. I did like the Guy Gardner type and the Jon Stewart type (part of the shyte that got messed with). Another thing that changed was that home field advantage.

I liked how despite not liking each other, which also depended on who was in the room, they chose to work together for their common goal(s). Their egos still get in the way when they aren’t on the battlefield. I liked the added earth 3 culture aspect of the favor system.


This was one of those stories that I enjoyed purely because the Syndicate knew something was going wonky with their world and they not only knew it but they were irritated by it enough by it to set aside their differences in order to put a stop to it. I really liked seeing that because mainly because it’s not often that we get to see characters being aware of changes around them that are caused by shifts or changes in the timeline itself.

I hate that version of Power Ring myself so any other version is far superior in my opinion.

I thought that and the change to the home field advantage were interesting additions to the whole thing.


And here is out question for Week 3.

What did you think of the Crime Syndicate in Convergence?


IF they Converge, it’s going to be pretty dull…


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I liked how the art was pretty faithful to original silver age rendering of the Syndicate.

Is Convergence some weird Contest of Champions? It’s probably over a stupid bet…


I really liked that aspect of this. Made it very clear that we were dealing with the Silver Age version of these characters rather than some other one.

It’s kind of hard to explain but here’s a link that will give you a rundown on the event itself.

These two issues are part of the tie-ins to this event.


I didn’t even have to click the link to get spoiled. Curse you, wikipedia.


I also liked how Owlman’s feelings for Superwoman dictated his actions. Why save a world that killed his beloved? It was interesting that Johnny Quick and Power Ring tried to find each other first. For villains, they tend to prioritze teamwork over personal agendas. Mostly.


I liked how Superwoman was rethinking her life as her execution approached. It was also good to see how the Syndicate cared for each other, even though they are villains.


That’s the most interesting thing I think. Most villains don’t seem to care about teamwork much. Oh, they might band together once in awhile but it nearly always ends up falling apart because most villains don’t want others involved in their plans.

I liked that too. Things like that aren’t seen all that often.


And here are our final questions of the month, covering Forever Evil.

  1. What did you think of the Crime Syndicate’s role in this storyline?

  2. What did you like best and what was your least favorite part?

  3. How did you like their characterizations in the N52 vs the others that we read about previously.

And that brings this month’s session to an end. Next month we will be taking a look at a character who doesn’t really get a whole lot of attention but who was one that I enjoyed reading about during the N52.

C of DC is proud to present: David Zavimbe AKA Batwing. Hope to see you there @CharactersOfDC.

  1. I liked this story a lot. I had never read it before and didnt think it would be that good. The twists for the Crime Syndicate characters were pretty cool. It makes sense that Supermans evil opposite would be powered by Kryptonite.
  2. The best part was Luthor having a heart and caring about Bizarro and deciding to help Ted Kord instead of buying his company.
  3. I thought their characters were much more realistic for villains in this story. They were all much more out for themselves.
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I didn’t bother with reading it originally myself for the same reason. I only read it much later and to my surprise I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. I’m not a fan of events in general and the N52 had far too many events or crossovers (if you like) for my liking.

I really liked Lex in this.

That’s certainly true.

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