2023 Super Police

Now that it is 2023, humanity has finally evolved to the state foretold in the very first DC comic. New Fun #1 was not only the first DC comic, it was the first comic book to present original material (previous comic books just reprinted newspaper comic strips). The stories in New Fun comics were all serialized; none contained an entire story. Since the only thing they had to work from was the public’s perception of comic strips, most of the New Fun stories were only a single page long (similar to the length of a color Sunday strip). One of the stories started in New Fun #1 was 2023 Super Police, set in…yes, the year 2023!
Was it spot-on in it’s vision of where technology would be in 2023? Ehh…yeah, sure it was, they predicted the future with pin-point accuracy, except it had the vote for the House Speaker taking 13 rounds and being won by someone named McGraff. But otherwise they had everything right on the money.

New Fun 1a


New Fun 1b


The passage of time has resulted in you and I existing in the exact time period picked as “the future” back in the very first DC comic. Back to the Future II depicts a future that’s now in the recent past from where we sit, and this comic is only two months from falling into the same category. So appreciate it while it’s current!

This story was not just a one-off - it was a continuing series in New Fun Comics. 2023 was such a fantastic year that it took all of 1935 and part of 1936 to chronicle the adventures.

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Love how they drew the bride to be. We need more of her in comics today for sure, and not as a villain as we actually do have going on in the Superman series.

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