2023 New Year's Resolutions (Reading and Collecting Edition)

With just a little bit over a week left in 2022, my thoughts always turn to my reading and collecting goals for the upcoming new year. But like a dog chasing a squirrel, my focus disappears pretty quickly. Writing them down and sharing them with my friends always seems to help keep me on point.

So please share with me what you want to read and collect for 2023. And we can update on our progress as we go along.


I’m going to be aggressive with my reading goals but I suspect that like in years past, my interest in some of these will wane.

Firm Goals:
Finish my reread of JSA and Justice Society of America
Reread of The Sandman
Reread of Fables and various spinoffs and get to The Black Forest
The complete Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter
Reread the Denny O’Neil The Question
Rereading the 2 volumes of DC’s Star Trek series
Finish my reread of the 2011 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series from IDW

Broad Goals:
Bronze Age Incredible Hulk
Bronze Age Batman
Bronze Age Superman
More classic Archie comics
More Disney Duck comics

I would also like to do a much, much better job at being caught up with new, monthly comics. I’ve been behind on a lot of my reading since 2020…and like a black hole, I keep getting sucked in deeper.

Generally, when it comes to my collecting goals, I don’t have a big list, but I have a few things.

Sherlock Holmes #1 from 1975:

I also have to track down some the Facsimile Editions that I missed, specifically:

Superman #1:

and Marvel Family Comics #1:


Other than that, I usually just kinda buy stuff as I go. Same goes for my collectible hunting.


My main goal is to read 2,023 comics. I’ve been in @TornadoSoup’s comic reading challenge for the past three years and made my goal twice. This year was rough for some reason and I am currently at 1,651.

My main goal is to keep up on current Wonder Woman and continue my re-read of the Golden Age. I have all of the WW omnibuses and I want to read them all this year.

I also have the Mike Grell Green Arrow omnibuses and the Death and Return of Superman omnibus. They are extremely large and uncomfortable to read but I love omnibuses so here we are.

I would like to re-read Fables and all of the spinoffs as well.

Keep up on all X-men titles. I might want to revisit some old events such as Civil War and Secret Invasion.

For collecting, I am hoping that Golden Age Wonder Woman volume 5 actually comes out this year. I would snag any other WW omnibuses. Would love for Silver Age vol 2.

Macfarlane Super Powers Wonder Woman and Invisible Jet are coming out this year and are must-have items. Pretty sure I’ll buy two of each. I want to hang the jet from the ceiling.

I’ll snag any other WW items that might come out. Apart from that, this year will be one more focusing on financial recovery than aquisitions. :grin:

Repro Indiana Jones:

Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon figures:


This year I want to read more, in which I mean finishing reading what I already have in my current collection that I bought a while ago and haven’t had the time yet.


I’m looking forward to discovering more comics through DCUI - current AND classic both - and I may make a point of re-reading the 1990s Superman books that got me into collecting comics in the first place. So many great stories.

Also, more Superman action figures. I only have about 3 dozen. It’s nowhere near enough, you know?


I have read 94 books this year and will maybe hit 95, so I guess I will shoot for 100. I may hit 5,200 comics read for the year, so I can try to repeat on that. I am not a collector, so I have no goals there.


OK, I’m just going to ask: how are you able to read so many comics? Are you a speed reader, or do you just have a lot of time on your hands (or both)? Me, I’m lucky if I get through 20-25 comics (issues) a week.


I am a fast reader. I can read 10 comics in an hour usually.


So i recently was being really dumb and i gave my No.1 issue of Manhunter away for free was that a mistake??


Which Manhunter series? 1988, 1994, or 2004? Whichever, you can get a #1 issue of any of them for under $10 right now.


My comic goals are to catch up on my backlog list of current dropping DCUI releases.

After that potentials read some other stories I’ve wanted to read.

Blackest Night
GL Rebirth
Basket full of heads
And some of the graphic novels


1988 series


$8 on both eBay and MyComicShop. So, unless it had sentimental value for you, you didn’t miss out on too much monetarily.


Ohh ok just making sure thank you @KookieSuperApe for the help!


Had no idea these existed. I will likely be tracking them down now.


I am making my new years resolution very easy and obtainable and this thread is absolutely perfect for me to acknowledge my resolution.

I have never really gotten into Superman Action Comics, as I was confused about the cannon / continuum aspect of reading in comic books. An I just came to the realization, it really doesn’t matter, because, hello. Mutliverse/ infinite verses.

So next year I am already subscribed for Superman Action Comics #1050, and I am caught up on the last few issues, Superman and Jon kent, the special 1-6 and I came into S.A.C right after War World, for Superman returning to Earth, I might go back one day and get the trade paperback for War World.

So yeah, there is that, and I am committing to the Lazarus story lines

I am also commiting to on league of comic geeks where i get my subscriptions through my LCS, lol committing to NOT looking at up coming issues in any series i am subscribed to. Because they leak sooooo much info aka Spoilers ! I am a slow learner.

I shall be getting royally toasted as well, home alone, snug as a bug, while everyone else is partying in the streets and praying to whom every they pray to, that the police do not catch them driving drunk.

it’ll be me, my cat, my tortoise, couple shots of Jack Daniels Fire Whiskey with perhaps some egg nog if i can find any, any time soon.

an I might throw on a DC movie on HBO Max


So my goal is to read the whole Nightwing series i am committed to making it happen


They will be coming out in the spring. I set up alerts with EntertainmentEarth to let me know when they are available. I have a feeling they will sell out quick.


My goal was to not by any new comics and only get 80s and before, but then I read the dc preview catalog. Now I’m torn between keeping my original plan or getting all the new superman comics.


I’ve gotta read all the comics I have at home. Also, I’ve gotta read Rann-Thanagar Holy War. I didn’t have the second volume lol