2022 Could Be a Great Year for DC

I remember around the time of 2020’s Fandome there were seven theatrical DC films in production, and one that I feel everyone forgets isn’t. So far three of the eight have been released and I have seen two out of the three, both I thought were alright. It feels crazy that half of the scheduled films are all coming out the same year, the one currently sneaking up on us. And such a bold move is followed with the two big, anticipated games also releasing that same year.

Technically Multiversus is a third game. Although the game is a blatant ripoff of Smash, the fact that it will be free to play reassures me that the game is made with genuinely good intentions, especially when comparing it to Nickelodeon’s unfinished fighting game with mechanics outright stolen from Smash. Another selling point is that the voice actors of three of the DC characters as well as a couple of other characters make their return. You got Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, George Newbern as Superman, and my personal favorite, Kevin Conroy as Batman.

Everyone’s looking forward to The Batman in March. I know a lot of people are predicting that it will be one of the best Batman movies and I believe that to be a fair assumption. Such a tight cast is a good starting point. Casting Paul Dano as the Riddler and Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon are both strokes of genius, but hearing Colin Farrel was going to tackle the Penguin, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was skeptical. Then this year’s Fandome trailer dropped and Colin Farrel’s Penguin became my favorite part of the film so far, even though Michael Giacchio’s score is a very close second. Michael came onto the scene of Pixar with :musical_note:Bu bum bum ba bum, BA BUM BA BA BUM:musical_note:, he did the score for the best Pixar movie (Ratatouille), and now for The Batman’s instrumentals he’s orchestrating excellent strings. In the international trailer, as the logo appears, some guy just goes nuts and plays his instrument like a certified madman. The action also looks creative and contains well executed ideas. From the impressions the trailers leave the action seems like it could be the best from a live action Batman film, since it has such little competition.

Mister Miracle: The Great Escape is a young adult graphic novel releasing in January. After Source of Freedom, I feel Mister Miracle needs something good, something that could restore his name, and I have a good feeling that this could do just that. Everything about the new heist comic starring the Rogues, written by Joshua Williamson, coming in March sounds great. Dark Knights of Steel had a pretty good first issue, and an excellent second one, so if the second issue is an indication of the direction Tom Taylor is going with this comic, I’m on board with this already solid limited series. Joshua William’s Batman had a very strong first issue released this month, and from that his run has potential to be the best main title Batman run in quite some time. And then you got World’s Finest, the return of my second favorite comic writer of all time, Mark Waid, a team up comic of Batman and Superman, two of my three favorite DC characters, with art by the great Dan Mora. Everything about that sounds too amazing to be true, but it is also coming out in March, along side “The Batman” and “Rogues”.

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one of the things i’m most looking forward to that MIGHT happen in 2022 is the HBO Max series based on

(there haven’t been any updates that i know of but it allegedly started shooting last spring!)

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I want to see Willem Dafoe play the joker along side Keaton’s Batman. Please make it happen DC :pray: :dc:


Starting in March, I get to read a monthly title starring Superman written by Mark Waid. That’s definitely something I’ve been looking forward to for YEARS (I don’t want to date myself here and say exactly how many, so let’s go with ‘a bunch’ :slightly_smiling_face:).


I certainly hope that 2022 will be great! I had a relatively good time in 2021 with DC. And my biggest hope is that Batgirls kicks into high gear, finds an audience, and has a great community form around it. :slight_smile:

I waited for 7 years for this book, and I want it to last a good long while!


i can’t wait for peacemaker and the batman in 2022


Would love to see this. Really hoping for some news on HBO Max’s GL series as well.

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Agreed @millernumber1. Really hoping for good things for this title. :+1:

I’m in for the long haul on this as well.


I truly dig this idea @Killing_Joke69, but there’s someone else out there who I believe def has some gas left in the tank opposite Keaton in the role:

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I’m ready to see my babe in action when Gotham Knights comes out.



I’d also like some news on a potential Outlaws HBOmax series… seriously all of the alleged rumors is playing with my emotions and that’s just not cool man.




I think 2022 is going to be a big year for DC in multiple mediums.


  • The Batman
  • DC League of Super Pets
  • Black Adam
  • The Flash
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom


  • The Peacemaker
  • The Sandman
  • Superman & Lois (Season 2)
  • Naomi
  • The Flash (Season 8 / Part 2)
  • DC Legends of Tomorrow (Season 7 / Part 2)
  • Batwoman (Season 3 / Part 2)
  • Stargirl (Season 3)
  • Titans (Season 4)
  • Harley Quinn (Season 3)
  • Doom Patrol (Season 4)

Video Games:

  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
  • Gotham Knights


  • Batman Unburied Podcast on Spotify (???)

All that plus the usual ton of comic books every week.

Of all of that I’m looking forward to Black Adam the most. I’m a Hawkman fan and the chance to see him on the big screen is very, very exciting. I hope they present him well and that Dwayne Johnson knocks it out of the park because if so that character can take off in a big way.

So long, free time! I’m all in on all the DC content in 2022.


Looking forward to The Batman and Peacemaker. however, I am also hoping for something like a comic tie-in involving the Batman of Titans as I want to know just why he was in London…cause my head cannon has him visiting his Bio daughter Helena Wayne and Catwoman. We got teased so much in both Batwoman and Titans regarding Catwoman last year it was not funny.

However I also recall something about batgirl appearing in a podcast, and I am hoping for a second season of Batman: the audio drama.

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A lot of good stuff coming our way and I would have to pick World’s Finest as what I’m looking forward too.


Thought about it today- aside from Waid’s World’s Finest, look at all this-

The Warworld Saga concludes

It’s been so rewarding seeing this story unfold. I never thought I’d see a Superman vs Mongul story that topped “For the Man Who Has Everything” but here it is.

Superman and Lois Season Two

Wasn’t sure how it his was going to go, but the debut episode won me over within this first 5 minutes. I can’t wait to see more episodes!

Justice League vs the Legion of Superheroes

The Legion interacting with the Justice League in our current timeline- easy sell.

McFarlane 2022 releases

^ Look at everything we got in 2021. 2022 looks to be more of the same, which is a good thing.

Sandman debuts on Netflix

A big budget adaption of the greatest comic series ever written executive produced by the man himself, Neil Gaiman?!? YES PLEASE :astonished:

Green Lantern: Beware My Power

Every WB cartoon is something to look forward to, but I’m especially excited to see Green Lantern get the focus again.

DC Films

Look at that lineup. And that’s not even including the HBO Max series we’ll get in between.


Minus a certain person on YouTube, I love and agree with all of your highlights. :+1:t2:

We also have many anniversaries of note this year, such as:

  • Batman Returns (30th)
  • Batman: The Animated Series (30th)
  • Harley Quinn’s debut (30th)
  • The Death and Return of Superman (30th; saved the best 1992 anny for last)
  • Superman Blue (25th)
  • Batman & Robin (25th)
  • Steel (the movie, 25th)
  • The New Batman Adventures (25th)
  • Road to Perdition (the movie, 20th)

The anniversary list can go on and on (Genesis, Faces of the DC Universe, etc.), but suffice to say, 2022 will be packed with all manner of nifty anniversaries to celebrate. :partying_face:


Yeah, but its by Bendis, so hard pass from me.


That is a great list and I am a huge Superman fan but I’m way behind on watching Superman and Lois. I’m still at the beginning of Season 1. Bought it on Vudu so no commercials but it comes down to too many streaming channels with too much on them and football. I like me the football on the weekends especially Pro on Sunday. Normally ends up an all day thing so normally dont watch much else on Sunday. But I REALLY need to watch that Superman and Lois! So maybe I need a vacation to catch up on my shows. :slightly_smiling_face: