2022 Convention Art Buys

Rags Morales, Jock, and myself. First convention since The Sickness. It was like coming home, and I nearly cried. Get any con art yet?


Glad you had an awesome time @ChaoticScholar. :smiley: Those are stellar art finds! :star_struck: Did you get both of those Rags broadsides of Death?

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Indeed. The Artist Alley was very quiet, so I took my time shopping and slightly fanboying over both guys. Pro Tip: Get your art deals when the celebrity room is packed. :smile:


Very cool. :+1:

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Nice gets.

Unfortunately, the New Mexico Comic Expo was cancelled/postponed, so waiting on the next convention in January.

Wow these are stellar! Thanks for sharing. Rags is one of my favorites! I’ll keep your tip in mind next time i’m at an artist alley.