2020 predictions °___°

I had trouble trying to post the picture of D.C.s Tv show timeline for this year but what do you all think in lined up for next year?! I’m really hype for whats to come this year so it got me thinking even further in the future.

Imagine if you had that same timeline chart but the slots were empty. Personally, I think Titans s2 will be the first thing they roll out in 2020. Maybe another solo underrated character will premiere after. And I would love to see another animation series like Young Justice focusing on completely different characters that we haven’t really seen yet.

But yeah feel free to share!

If Swamp Thing does well maybe they can bring in an Animal Man show. Their shared corner of the New 52 was my favorite part.


Everything is going to have a season 2. Also Metropolis might have a season 1


@Tromeo that’s what I was kinda thinking…I feel like Swamp Thing will be a big gateway to the entire JLA Dark side of D.C.

@redhood I was thinking about that as well lol I guess I’m being a bit hopeful that we’ll still get a good amount of new content next year in addition.


I’m hearing the budget for Stargirl is huge! Watch it be the biggest surprise hit of DC Streaming. I wonder if Netflix plans to release those other shows outside of the U.S.

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@Randallusprime OOHH hyppeee. I didn’t know that. I think swamp thing and stargirl are really going to be bigger than we think lol

Really looking forward to Swamp Thing and the animated Harley. The rest are wait-and-see.

I wasn’t particularly excited about Titans, either, but it turned out to be very good. Hopefully that will be the case with other series as well.


@RandallusPrime I am sure DC is hoping. I could be wrong but I think they have a similar plan as CBS All-Access does with their Star Trek shows. I.E. sell the show overseas to Netflix which pays for production of the show with a healthy profit, then with them paid for and the money made use them to draw members to DC Universe.

Would also think Netflix should at least have Doom Patrol, since it is a spin-off of Titans which I got the impression did good overseas.

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