2019 Recommendations!!

Grettings all and happy Friday!

I wanted to take the time and ask again (since it’s beena couple months), what’s everyone reading currently?? I’m slowly finishing JSA: All Stars and it’s been great! Would recommend to others.

Anyone discover any new reads that they’ve brought into 2019? Would love to have another long list of replies to pull from like last time, that was awesome and I’m sure it aids others in the never ending search for good reads :smiley:

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I just recently discovered “Hitman” on here. I would recommend it if you haven’t read it yet. Ennis went on to write “The Boys” which I did find enjoyable. But a lot of the early themes from that series were developed in “Hitman” .

The first 28 issues are available now and I’m hoping them upload the others in the coming weeks and months. Like “the Boys”, there were some uneven aspects, but largely I found it enjoyable and would highly recommend it.

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Hitman is an underrated joy.


I’m starting off this year by reading Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol. I’ve been enjoying it so far

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I loved all stars too. My latest faves are Aquaman ‘94, Batman & the outsiders, Batman legends of the dark knight, Starman, & Superboy & the legion of superheroes. Those are just my most recent reads. Plenty more that I’ve read but not as recent as those. I’m actually about to start with the new additions so I’ll return with those ones. The new JL ones look amazing. Also, I guess another recent one considering I’m still working on it & haven’t read a bad issue yet is Green Lantern 1960.

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Just read entire TNTT run highly recommended.

Outsiders 2003 I believe? is a great read after TNTT & Batman & the Outsiders. It borrows & refers back to both. I’m just delving into it but it’s fun so far.

New DC series I started following: (1) Aquaman (Kelly Sue DeConnick); (2) THE Green Lantern (Grant Morrison); (3) Wonder Woman (G. Willow Wilson).

The new Martian Manhunter series is a solid read.

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