2016's Swamp Thing Mini-Series

Happy Swamp Thing Day! Take a breath and savor that swampy goodness in the air! takes a whiff Ah and mmm, swampy and bayou fresh!

So, on this day where we’re excited for the debut of the latest live action TV show to star our favorite legendary, shambling, muck encrusted mockery of a man, I thought a fun, timely comic book highlight would be 2016’s Swamp Thing mini-series.

For those who came in late, Len Wein wrote this book. He was a co-creator of Swamp Thing (aka “Mr. Holland’s Opus” if you will) along with legendary artist Bernie Wrightson. Dark and gothic artist supreme Kelley Jones provided the suitably creepy, mushy, swampy, beyond the mortal plane artwork and the six issues of this mini-series were released from January to June of 2016.

Swamp Thing is certainly the star of this mini as you would imagine, but he’s not without noteworthy co-stars. The Phantom Stranger, Matt Cable, Zatanna and others are along for the ride as well.

Have you read this mini-series? What are your two vines about it? If you haven’t read it, then it’s like the narrator said in the opening of The Nightmare Before Christmas: “I’d say it’s time you begun!”

Discuss away swamp things!


I gotta dive back into the archives and revisit this run. Now’s the time. I was fully on board for Wein’s return to the majestic muck.

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It’s a good one! Please chime in once you’ve re-read it to share your thoughts.