20 Years of Batman Beyond in Comics: What's Your Favorite Series of His?

Batman Beyond made his debut on television on the night of January 10th, 1999 on The WB. During the past 20 and a half years, Terry McGinnis’ alter-ego has also starred in a variety of comics, with some titles being mini-series and others ongoing series.

Below is a chronological listing of every Batman Beyond branded title from 1999 to the present:

-Batman Beyond (1999, 6 issues, mini-series)
-Batman Beyond (1999-2001, 24 issues, ongoing series)
-Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker (2001, single issue movie adaptation)
-Batman Beyond (2010, 6 issues, mini-series)
-Batman Beyond (2011, 8 issues, ongoing series)
-Batman Beyond (2012-13, Digital First ongoing series with 29 chapters/issues)
-Batman Beyond Unlimited (2012-2013, the print release of the prior title, Justice League Beyond and Superman Beyond; 18 issues, ongoing series)
-Batman Beyond 2.0 (2013-2014, Digital First ongoing series with 40 issues/chapters)
-Batman Beyond Universe (2013-2014, the combined single issue print release of Batman Beyond 2.0 and Justice League Beyond 2.0; ran for 16 issues, ongoing series)
-Batman Beyond (2015-2016 ongoing series, 16 issues)
-Batman Beyond (2016-present, ongoing series; as of this writing 35 issues, including the Batman Beyond: Rebirth one-shot)

Fire up your thruster boots, camouflage Bat-suit and Batarangs down below on which of these schway series has made you (to quote the announcer of TV ads for Batman Beyond on Kids WB) “Go beyond…Batman Beyond”!


I’ve only read the first volume but Rebirth Batman Beyond is my favorite.

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@Batwing52 I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of the Rebirth Batman Beyond series.

Except for the Carlos D’Anda variant to Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 (seen below). This is one “unique” interpretation of Terry, that’s for sure.


Visually, this series has always scrored big in all its incarnations.

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@keylimetyrant I agree. While some BB books are better than others, they’ve always had a consistent razzle-dazzle factor from a visual standpoint.

As for a favorite, when it comes to the BB minis, I recently re-read the book that debuted alongside the show and it captured the aesthetic of what was on Kids WB to a perfect degree. As it should since it was written by Hilary J. Bader, who also worked on the Batman Beyond TV series (and other DCAU productions) at the same time.

I’d pick the 1999 mini-series for my favorite BB mini. Fun stuff and a great tie-in.


Dan Jurgens current run is hands down my favorite. It actually feels like the story is moving forward. Something I think a lot of Beyond books lack, IMO.

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@MattMcDonald Do you have a favorite story from the current Batman Beyond series?

Dear lord, that cover is AWFUL.

@Batwing52 Best complain to Bruce Timm then :wink:

Anything Kyle Higgins wrote always got my attention!