20 Questions - Can You Guess The Character?

Welcome to 20 Questions, a game I’ve decided to run right now. Maybe it will be a regular thing in the future, maybe it’ll happen again at random times. I haven’t decided yet!

The game right now is this: I’m thinking of a DC character. You may ask any “yes or no” question you like to determine this character’s identity. If nobody gets it within 20 questions, I win. If someone gets it before then, that person wins, and they get to come up with the next character. Let us begin!


Do they have superpowers?

YES: They have superpowers. [1]

Are they female?

YES: They are female. [2]

Does she have dark-colored hair?

YES: She has dark hair. [3]

Is she human?

YES: She is human. [4]

Is she from the United States?

YES: She is from the United States. [5]

Is she a minor (under 18 years old)?

MAYBE: Age is fluid in the DC Universe, so it’s hard to say. [5]

(New rule: any question where the result is a “maybe” does not count towards the total.)

Does she have her own comic book series?

NO: She does not have her own comic book series. [6]

Has she ever been a member of the Justice League?

YES: She has been a member of the Justice League. [7]

Is she Vixen?

NO: She is not Vixen. [8]

Is she Gypsy?