1978 Incredible Hulk tv series

Will the 1978 Incredible Hulk tv series be added anytime soon to dc universe? If not why?

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No, because it belong to Marvel comic. I wish!

The Hulk is a Marvel character. This is a streaming service for DC Comics, which is a separate comic company. They wouldn’t stream a show and can’t stream a show of their competition.

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Umm , what???

You damn well know why! Probably trying to stir shit up . Any moment now there will be a super dc fanboy that will be like"hulk and marvel sucks"

Hulk and Marvel sucks!

No, but seriously, :slight_smile: Piano Hulk walking along the road is my favorite Hulk. I’d love to see it again. But as everyone already stated, we’re not going to see Marvel characters here unless they manage to dig up some old Amalgam stuff that they are allowed to share.

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Will Star Trek be added soon?

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Only if you make Lobo attack the Enterprise. Only then Vroom. Only then.

At least Paramount Studio was nice enough to give the Warner Bros. a fletcher Superman short cartoon. Sorry Vroom, Paramount still want their Star Trek. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lobo is flying through space when the Enterprise comes out of warp just a few feet away from him “Fraggers!”

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@davidkaiser5.50877 I laughed

Star Trek on DCU? Not. Completely. Crazy.

DC had the rights to Star Trek right after Wrath of Khan was released, and published a book for several years back in the '80s.

More recently, Star Trek crossed over with both Green Lantern and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Live action or animated shows on DCU? Unlikely … though there is an animated Batman/TMNT movie on the docket, so crazier things have happened.

And as far as Hulk is concerned? Let’s just say not any time soon… :slight_smile:

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FYI: I was joking about Star Trek :wink:

As previously mentioned, it does have its DC connections. However, I would bet the odds of the DC Star Trek library coming to DCU to be slim on one hand and none on the other.


Perhaps because this is DC Universe, not Marvel Universe? If you want to watch Hulk, you might be able to find it on Me-TV.

There are a lot of great Marvel Animated films as well. I’d love to see them, but I don’t expect to see them on DC Universe, LOL.

I own them on Blue Ray and DVD in any case, just as I own the DC Animated movies.

By the way, I saw the complete series of Bill Bixby’s Hulk on sale at Wal-Mart, and I bet it can be ordered on Amazon.

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You have to ask Disney so good luck… After all, Hulk is owned by Marvel.

Really really really really

this a joke😂

It would be funny if Universal made a deal to stream the Hulk here instead of Hulu or something.

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@MisfitHighlander Blade is on CW Seed, so I assume that means it was made by Warner. Not that it will happen (or even should happen) but thought when I saw that it would be funny if they put it on here just to “stick it to Marvel”.

@DanTheMan. Yea, I’m pretty sure the Blade movies are New Line Cinema, another division of Warner Media

Best of all? Warner can put the '60’s H-B Fantastic Four cartoon show on here anytime they want.