1966 Batman Intro

Hello everybody, here’s a little fun fact, the first time we ever see Batman in animation was the intro to the classic 1966 Batman TV series.:smiley:
Over at DC Animated Club I’ve been doing a year of Batman The Animated Series, thought I throw this in for fun. :batparrot:
In Batman The Animated Series episode ‘Legend Of the Dark Knight’ they actually pay tribute to the opening of this series when Batman shake hand with Robin. :slightly_smiling_face:

In season 3, the intro was changed a bit to add Batgirl making her first animation appearance as well.
The music was by Nelson Riddle.



That is some awesome bit of trivia I will tuck away for the right moment.


January 12th, 1966: The opening intro to the Adam West Batman TV series was my intro to Batman. I was instantly hooked. Went out the next day to the candy under the El on Fulton Street looking for a Batman Comic book.


It’s always been one of my favorite openings to any television show ever. I mean, you have that theme song and the animation and everything!