12 Days of DC

Anyone else following 12 Days of DC?

1. Yesterday was Christmas with the Joker which i enjoyed watching. It was Joker just really missing his Bats and wanting to spend some funny time with his favorite person in the world
DC Universe

2. Today its reading Young Justice #40 “The Night before Doomsday.” Which I am very excited for. It really adorable, Funny, a fast read, and the art is just cute.
DC Universe

Here for the Festive Celebrations and to chat about everything 12 Days of DC!


3. Well shoot today is hard for me because I was never really into the Lois & Clark TV show. But hey 3 episodes here we go who knows, this might make me want to watch the entire series.

12 Days of DC: The LOIS & CLARK Specials

they have the links for each episode posted for easy navigation. Enjoy!!!


I love this! Don’t feel the need to watch all three Lois & Clark episodes — just choose the one that sounds most appealing!


I actually enjoyed the first episode Lois acting like a Bratty child has me just laughing at how adorable she was. Omg and Clark was also adorable!

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**4. Today is all about Batman & Christmas! **
12 Days of DC: "Favorite Things”

Let all read about DC’s Holiday Grinch who turns out to be a little vulnerable in the very end!

5. Friday: 12 Days of DC: “Home for the Holidays”
So I wasn’t really up for Fridays so I just watched Batman Returns (again in a month i love that movie)!

Saturday & Sunday: I was sad to find out they had nothing over the weekend for 12 Days of DC, So with that I watched Batman by Tim Burton, then followed by Sunday Batman Forever (I love the Riddler in this).

Monday: I Guess tonight I will finish with Batman & Robin (Arnold’s Mister Freeze and terrible puns) because I don’t see one for today.

If they don’t continue “12 Days of DC” I guess I will make my own watch/read list

And today 12 Day of DC is back! So excited.

6. Today is A Bullet for Bullock, happy reading. DC Universe


Fo my watch list today i’m watching

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7. So today is very exciting, I had this already in my to read list but today is as good a day as any. Its also exciting since I’m enjoying seeing LarFleeze on the rooftops of DCUO stealing Christmas trees and Christmas Present. You can also fight him in DCUO alongside many orange Lanterns. Enjoy your reading and If you play DCUO feel free to message me and add me (but please note i don’t use in game chat only discord)
**DtmCr0oXcAA3iH0 **

Here’s the link for the Comic
DC Universe

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8. LOL So for todays 12 Days of DC, They went with Static Shocks “Frozen out” which I watched a few days ago :sweat_smile: It is a great episode.

So today I will watch JL: Comfort & Joy Episode
Let’s enjoy how Hawkgirl shows John how she Celebrates. :smiling_imp:

Happy Watching <3

9. Oooww today is going to be a good read, i like dark so here we go, happy reading all.

12 Days of DC.

10. "Holiday Knights"
12 Days of DC: "Holiday Knights"
Pretty Excited I enjoyed this episode. “Harley aren’t you Jewish but I like all the pretty colors and decorations.” :laughing:

Soo here we go we got 11 & 12 in this post.

11. Is a Teen Titans Go Episode, I have yet to watch it since i never really had the **
** desire to watch teen titans go. Its not what i really expect from superhero animated shows, but who knows this episode might make me change my mind.

12 Days of DC: "Oil's Well"

12. last but not least we get a batman comic The Silent Night of Batman! Happy reading and Merry Christmas! <3
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