1/6 Scale or Hot Toys Collectors!

If you collect 1/6 scale figures by Hot Toys or any other company, share them below! I’ll share some of my collection as well!

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Currently my favorite figure in my collection!


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Here’s some of mine. I also have Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Nightwing. They ate still packed up because we recently moved.


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@JohnD3rd where did you get them? I assume they are custom but they look well made!

I dont have any 1/6 scale figures or hot toys but hopefully I plan on collecting those after other priorities since I mainly collect vintage comics. I’ll most likely start with the Jason Momoa Aquaman, I hope Mera, Orm, and Black Manta are teased soon. I do have the premium format Wonder Woman on pre-order and that was my first big purchase for a figure/statue.

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Nope. They were produced by DC Direct in the early 2000s. They had a huge catalog of characters. I’m still hunting for a Wonder Woman and Jay Garrick. Robin and GLs masks are removable.